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International Journal of Advancment In Electronics & Computer Engineering (IJAECE) is a one- stop, scholarly online, open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, bimonthly, and fully refereed journal focusing on recent advancement in field of science, engineering and technology. It aims to help the scientists and engineers involved in research making this growing global forum to publish papers covering their original research or extended versions of already published conference/journal papers, scholarly journals, academic articles, etc.


Aim & and Scope

International Journal of Advancement in Electronics and Computer Engineering (IJAECE) is an international Journal where theory, practices, and applications of Electronics, Information Technology, Computational Engineering, Computer and Telecommunication Technology and related topics are published. Original contributions are solicited on topics covered under broad areas such as (but not limited to):

Electrical Engineering
Power System- Generation, Transmission and Distribution
Advanced Power Electronics
Control System and Instrumentation
Electrical Drives
Electromechanical Energy conversion machines
Distribution Automation Techniques
Non conventional renewable energy sources

Electronics & Communication Engineering
Digital Communication
Embedded Systems
Optical Fibre networks
Digital signal processing theory
Image analysis and processing
Mobile Computing and Applications
Multimedia Communications
Network Modeling and Simulation
Network Performance; Protocols; Sensors
Networking theory and technologies
Open Models and Architectures
Pattern Recognition
Perception and semantic interpretation
Ubiquitous Multimedia Computing
Vision-based applications
Web Technologies
Wireless Technology
Real-time information systems
Security Technology and Infromation Assurance
Signal Control System & Processing
Speech interface; Speech processing

Computer Science & Engineering

Ad hoc networks for pervasive communications
Advanced Computing Architectures and New Programming Models
Artificial Intelligence
Broadband wireless technologies
Cloud Computing and Applications
Collaborative applications
Communication architectures for pervasive computing
Communication and Networking Systems
Computer and microprocessor-based control
Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
Computer Vision
Computer Science and Its applications
Database Theory and Application
Data Base Management System
Data Mining
Decision making
Distributed Sensor Networks
Distributed Computing
Grid Networking/ Computing
Information and data security
Internet Technologies, Infrastructure, Services & Applications
Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
Security Technology and Infromation Assurance
Soft Computing
Software Engineering & Its Applications

Applications of Computer Science in Modeling
Visualization and Multimedia
Data and Information Systems
Internet and Distributed Computer Systems
Semantic Web Technologies and Social Semantic Web
Graphics and Imaging
Natural Language Processing
Computational Mathematics
Robotics and Micro-Robotics
Theoretical Informatics
Quantum Computing
Software Testing
Computer Vision
Digital Systems
Pervasive Computing
Computational Topology
Information Personalization
Human-Computer Interaction
Ensemble Modeling
Wavelet Representations
Principle of Concurrency
Sequential Decision Theory
Digital Forensics
Signal and system theory
Digital signal processing
Network theory and circuit design
Information theory
Communication theory and techniques
Modulation, source and channel coding
Switching theory and techniques
Communication protocols
Optical communications
Microwave theory and techniques
Wave propagation
VLSI and more
Software Life-cycle Management
Social Network Mining
Embedded Systems
Pattern Recognition
Signal Processing
Bayesian Statistics
Adaptive Control

The paper submission will cover:

New milestones in research and development New materials, device structures, processing technologies, circuit and system architectures that lead to speed and performance.

Prospective authors are invited to submit full (and original research) papers (which is NOT submitted/published/under consideration anywhere in other conferences/journal) in electronics (.doc,.pdf) format through the website or via email submit@ijaece.com , editor@ijaece.com.

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